Opening hours

Kamitori is not serving Sushi any more.
Instead, we are now featuring Breakfast and Lunch with Japanese style Baked goods.

Our Baked goods and Pancakes are all hand-made from Scratch, made from Fresh Egg and Fresh Milk to make them very soft and milky. NO water added.

So please stop by and try our new Menu including Thick & Fluffy Pancake and Soft & Juicy French Toast, both are served with lots of fruits topping for your taste, French style Omelet, Japanese style Sandwich, and Japanese Breakfast & Lunch, including Tonkatsu,Curry Rice, Udon and Soba Noodle.

Also Please try our Very creamy Milk Brewed Cafe au Lait, Tea au Lait,and Matcha au Lait.

We sell some Japanese style Bread, too  such as Shoku-pan(Milk bread), Zenryu-pan(Whole wheat Milk bread), An-pan(Sweat red bean filling), Jam-pan(Jam-filling), and more.

                                                Thank you    Masa

For limited time only, we are now offering a FREE cup of house blend coffee with purchase of any meal all day long.


Contact @;        1044 Willamette st.  Eugene OR   97401

                              (541)686-3504        sushi@kamitori10.com