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Why don't you try real Japanese style Sushi?

Our goal is to serve  Authentic Japanese style Sushi.

When they say Sushi in Japan, They usually mean Nigiri-Sushi not Rolled Sushi with some toppings and sauces. They simply enjoy the harmony between the  Sushi rice and fish using only a small amount of soy sauce instead of using other condiments such as spicy sauce.

   It has been a long time since Sushi was initially introduced to the United States. Back then, Sushi served in the U.S was just as simple as sushi served in Japan. Since the idea of eating raw fish was new to most Americans at the time, our pioneers compensated by using local products to create new type of Sushi such as California Rolls. As a result, we are able to enjoy thousands of "American Born" Sushi today. Nonetheless, there are people who prefer the simple flavors of the Original, Authentic style Sushi, just as We do.

 Thanks to the modern shipping technology we have today, we are able to have fresh local fish delivered to us from the West coast on a daily basis and from the East coast,  Japan and other countries on every Mondays and Thursdays. This allows us to serve Sushi in an authentic and Japanese style that is so closed to Sushi served in Japan.

In addition to serving Sushi, we also serve Japanese Noodles that are prepared in a very traditional manner; Udon and Soba in hot broth made of dried Bonito(fish) and dried Kelp.  And of corse, there are more meals from our regular menu and daily special menu for you to enjoy at a very reasonable price.  Also we have a large selection of SAKE from Japan and local brewer. Please see our MENU for details. 

Please visit;    http://www.registerguard.com/web/livingfood/26278619-41/sushi-fish-itai-kamitori-rice.html.csp

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